Photo: Sailplane & Electric Aeromodellers of Tas. at The Nut, Stanley, 2019

The Tasmanian Model Aeronautical Association Inc. supports aeromodelling in Tasmania

Tasmania is a great place to fly model aircraft. The temperate climate and topography means you can fly year-round.

All regions of Tasmania have TMAA affiliated clubs that encourage this exciting and challenging sport / hobby and the TMAA is here to keep you flying, keep you safe, keep you active and promote this amazing sport / hobby.

From high performance composite carbon-fibre aerobatic models that carve graceful patterns in the sky to thermal gliders that stay aloft for hours to scale models that look and fly just like the real thing, there's something for everybody.

The TMAA is the official Tasmanian chapter of the national body, the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA).

The MAAA is the largest aeromodelling organisation in Australia and has considerable influence at governmental and local levels in how aeromodellers are supported in this exciting and fulfilling sport / hobby.

If you're new to flying model aircraft, get in touch with your nearest club to find out more about the benefits of becoming a member and how to join.

2023 Events Calendar

2023 TMAA Club Events Calendar

For amendments, contact Tony Hogan PFL Cub Sec.

Tasmanian Clubs

East Coast RC Flyers

Location: St. Helens

10 mins from St.Helens, the ECRCF is an active well-supported club with all the facilities that a modeller would want. Get in touch via email, 'phone, Facebook or visit the website for more details.

President: Alan Butler

0472 690 359

Vice-President: John Eastwood

0407 806 477

Public Officer: Chris Spencer

0447 958 885

Secretary: Paul Davern

03 6372 2529

Hobart Model Aero Club

Location: Richmond

30mins from Hobart, the HMAC is an active, well-supported, long-established club with extensive facilities and just 1km from historic Richmond. Get in touch via email, 'phone, Facebook or visit the website for more details.

President: Glenn Pearce

0447 732 722

Secretary: Charles Connor

0438 596 379

Post: PO Box 244, Richmond Tasmania 7025

Launceston Model Aero Club Inc.

Location: Symmons Plains, 30km from L'ton

LMAC is also one of the oldest model aircraft clubs in Tasmania, established 1945. We fly RC, IC and electric, gliders, scale, sports and also accommodate helicopters and drones.

Get in touch via Facebook or visit the website for more details.

President / Secretary: Mick Green

Vice President: Meilin Ho

Treasurer / Webmaster: George Carnie

Northwest Aeromodellers Inc.

Location: 30km from Burnie

Centrally located on the North West Coast, the NWA welcomes all categories of flying, from powered scale to fun-fly, from large-scale aerobatic models to gliding, thermal and slope.

Get in touch via email, 'phone, Facebook or visit the website for more details.

President: Paul Morse


Club Secretary: Graeme Poke

0418 140 780

Club Treasurer: Ruby Rubock

0457 784 050

Webmaster: Clinton or Paul

03 6372 2529

Phoenix Flyers of Launceston Inc.

Location: 30km from Launceston, 5km from Longford

Phoenix Flyers caters for all categories of flying, from World-class powered scale to F2A Pattern to gliding. Located on historic Panshangar, members enjoy what is arguably, the best vista in the World.

Get in touch via email, 'phone, Facebook or visit the website for more details.

President: Andrew McEntyre

Vice-President: Wen Nermut

Club Secretary: Tony Hogan

0429 621 655

Club Treasurer: Steve Cochcrane

Roaring Forties Aeromodellers Inc.

Location: 30km from Hobart, 2km from Pontville

Roaring Forties Aeromodellers fly mostly Precision Aerobatics from their strip on private property.

Get in touch via email or 'phone for more details.

President: Mike Rutledge

0407 307 428

Secretary: William Deal

0420 882 392

Property Owner: Tony Gray

0409 681 112

Sailplanes & Electric Aeromodellers Tasmania Inc.

Location: Various, D'port for slope soaring, Valleyfield (nr. Epping Forest) for thermal competition. Stanley for our annual slope soaring pilgrimage every Nov.

SEAT is Tasmania's only gliding exclusive club. We specialise in competition gliding across F3J, F3B, F3F, F3k, F5L and F5J disciplines. The executive is based in L'ton. and supports members state-wide.

Get in touch via email, 'phone, Facebook or visit the website for more details.

President: Stephen Boag

Vice-President: Chris Adams

Club Secretary: Stephen Boag

Club Treasurer: Chris Adams

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TMAA Committee 2023


Mike Rutledge

mob: 0407 307 428


Dean Williams

mob: 0409 973 505


Tony Sheppard


Frequently asked questions

How do I become a member of the TMAA?

To become a member you have to join a club. Your club membership automatically confers membership to both the TMAA and the national body, the MAAA. This membership provides many benefits, one of which being insurance coverage. Go here for more details about the benefits of MAAA membership.

How do I join a club?

Find your nearest, make contact (phone/email), arrange a visit (usually Sundays) and introduce yourself. The locals here in Tasmania are friendly and supportive. The application process varies from club to club, but generally, you need to be nominated by an existing full-time member before you can apply.

Do I have to be a member of TMAA/MAAA to fly a model?

No, but you won't be covered by TMAA/MAAA insurance or represented by TMAA/MAAA in any legal capacity. Additionally, the TMAA/MAAA, besides offering insurance cover, advocates on an aeromodeller's behalf e.g. liasing with authorities/ stakeholders to obtain flying field access or support.

Competition Flying Support

If you're keen on flying competitively, locally, nationally or internationally, it's usual for event organisers to stipulate that pilots need to have MAAA membership in order to fly.

Additionally, competitiors receive support such as branding merchandise, Aussie flags / uniform and attendance costs.

Running an Event?

The TMAA / MAAA can help you run an event. Typical support might range from event promotion to facilities, running costs to trophies.